Our plant-based beef alternative features a delectable flavour and a texture that has been known to fool discerning foodies the world over. Lightly seasoned, these bite size steaks are ready to be added to any of your favourite dishes.

Ingredients: Textured soy protein non-GMO (soy protein, wheat protein, wheat starch, soy oil), water, maltose, soy oil, maltose, soy sauce, isolated soy protein, vegetarian flavour, modified tapioca starch, raw cane sugar, black and white pepper powder, trehalose, wheat protein, yeast extract, maltodextrin, salt, star anise powder, cinnamon, hydrolyzed soy protein, mushroom extract, cabbage extract, transglutaminase, paprika, xanthan gum.

Contains soy and wheat.

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Sku: 4502008