“That night we could hear the drums in the village beating. They had an urgent message. ‘Come to Kanganaman. Come to Kanganaman. Come to Kanganaman because tomorrow morning there will be two white men’s bodies to smoke and put up the tree.’ And the people from the surrounding villages came--by the hundreds. Everyone wanted to see the burial of two white men in the Sanguma tree.”

What does faith mean? A strong belief in a higher power or all-knowing being? Trust loyalty commitment or love? Or is it miraculous healings supernatural miracles and the impossible becoming possible? Is God controlling the universe and everything happening inside of it?

Faith is a personal intensely powerful experience that runs deeply throughout cultures and families around the world. In The Sanguma Tree discover the pure and unwavering faith of the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea who believe in an all-powerful God. Filled with inspiring true stories of life on the front lines of mission uncover your own faith and believe in a wonder-working God—a God that is more powerful than even the Sanguma tree.

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