The Aroma Love Bouquet Refill with the fragrance of Fleur Gourmande captivates you. The sweet smell of orange blossom and the naturalness of the green leaves give impetus to the fragrance. Ylang-ylang floral essential oil is accentuated by the subtle scents of thrush. The sensual oriental scents of vanilla combine with fresh aquatic notes to finish with the woody warmth of patchouli essential oil. This olfactory composition has been developed to awaken your senses and make you succumb to desire. Nothing like creating a beautiful romantic atmosphere that this perfume, which turns out to be a real asset charm. Enjoy the epicurean aromachological virtues of the Aroma Love Bouquet Refill in your interior. Need to be focused, de-stressed, awake or just breathe? Each fragrance from the Aroma collection corresponds to each of your moods, choose the one that best suits you from our different gestures.
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