The decor of the Clarity Frosted Precious Jasmine scented bouquet marks the spirits with its regular alternation of translucent and frosted triangles. This discreet overview of the container is in line with a sober design enhanced by a few touches of brilliance. A thin silver strip delimits the part of the frosted glass from the geometric decorative part. The silver color of the aluminum ring is a visual reminder for this purpose. The contrast is brought by the Precious Jasmine perfume, pre-filled in this Clarity Frosted & Precious Jasmine scented Bouquet. The wild notes of jasmine are complemented by the strong smell of ylang-ylang and come to tickle your smell. The floral and tender heart is made up of carnation, jasmine, and peony. The fragrance then ends with fruity and powdery accords of peach, apricot, and orange blossom. An exceptional olfactory composition for a unique piece. Other scents and colors are to be discovered with the Clarity Gray Fresh Wood Scented Bouquet and the Clarity Burgundy Amber Powder Scented Bouquet.

Precious Jasmine, the subtle combination of the spellbinding sweetness of jasmine with soft and spicy floral notes         

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