For a passionate atmosphere, let yourself be enchanted by the Aroma Love fragrant reed diffuser with essential oils of ylang-ylang and patchouli. Stir up desire and sensuality with the Voracious Flower fragrance. Composed of slightly gourmet fragrant notes such as vanilla, warm and irresistible but also floral and marine notes, this fragrance is fascinating and seductive. Its design is just as desirable with its floral decoration in transparency on frosted glass. The language of flowers allows you to express all your love. 

The Aroma Love scented reed diffuser is pre-filled and allows you to easily diffuse the cold scent with the 100% natural willow stems. The aroma compositions of the

Aroma collection is now available in scented refills for catalysis lamp, in scented reed diffuser, candles, mist diffusers and even for some, refills for car diffusers! Take full advantage of all the aromachological virtues of essential oils.  

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