The Red Alliance & Orange Cinnamon scented bouquet with its unique symmetrical shape incorporating the codes of modern architecture gives a touch of originality to your interior. Its bold red color is fascinating and evokes energy as well as passion. Its round silver aluminum ring adds a shiny side and helps maintain the strands that diffuse the fragrance. This Red Alliance & Orange Cinnamon scented bouquet is pre-filled with the Orange Cinnamon fragrance, the citrus scents of orange are revealed underlined by a spicy note of cinnamon as well as by the sweet, sweet scent of vanilla. A small, exquisite winter atmosphere hangs over your home and warms your hearts. Do you like this perfume object? Find it also in green and purple color. To purify the air in your home, opt for the Berger Alliance lamp in the same color and scent as this scented bouquet! 
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