The Turquoise Alliance & Virginia Cedarwood perfumed bouquet is the contrast between urban design mixed with a slightly more rustic fragrance. The color and the fragrance are identical to the catalytic lamp for a perfect harmony in the collection. The lacquered glass with its nuanced green color makes it possible to see in transparency the liquid contained in the fragrance stick diffuser. Pre-filled with the Virginia Cerdarwood fragrance, it perfectly hugs the curves of the bouquet's body. The silver aluminum ring surmounts this set and imposes, giving an additional presence to the scented bouquet. This Turquoise Alliance & Virginia Cerdarwood scented bouquet gives you a feeling of freedom, of a walk in the forest between the fresh resinous scents of pine, the spicy notes of cloves and the green and dry scent of cedar. A perfume full of elegance to put absolutely in your interior.
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