What does it mean to pray?  Are people who pray just talking to the air?  Is prayer something to do in a crisis?

Prayer is such an important aspect of life for Christians.  But for some its tough because they think He's angry with them for the wrong things they've done.  This small tract lays out all the reasons why people pray how to pray when to pray what to pray for and even how to get started.  This is a perfect encouragement for people who are struggling but interested in the first step in starting a relationship with God.

Tracts in the Pocket SIGNS series deliver one truth-filled article from the full-sized 32-page monthly SIGNS in a convenient 8-page 'zine-ette that can be slipped in a book purse or pocket.   Each one offers the reader a life-changing opportunity learn more with a Discover Bible Lesson.  Include one with your bill payments leave one in a public place on buses or trains in airports or restaurants—it’s so easy to share! Order Pocket SIGNS today!

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