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Above the Clouds the sun is ever shining

While sunbeams vie to make the heavens glow
The eagle soars aloft on wings reclining,
While tempest rages violently below.

She knows her place of rest above the thunder
for eagle's wings are taught of God rise
Above the clouds to feel the glorious wonder
Of everlasting calm amid the skies.

So may it be with you in every sorrow
As storms of grief and trial weave their shrouds.
There is a place of refuge for the morrow-
You'll find it as you rise above the clouds.

Above the clouds-I mean of earths repining-
The child of faith may rise on eagles' wings
To find the son of righteousness e'er shining
And peace transcending all these earthly things.
-W. Taylor Hammond

People everywhere are searching for peace. They need power to cope with the "storms" in their lives. Peace Above the Storm is the answer to the power people are needing today. This all-time best seller, printed in over 100 languages, has already brought comfort and inspiration to millions of readers. It could be the most important book you have ever read.

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