What is happening to our world?

Storms earthquakes tsunamis and fires devastate large areas with huge tolls of death injury loss of property and ongoing suffering. War and conflicts surround us. Economic crises threaten the security of people and nations around the globe.

Love Under Fire outlines the grand sweep of events that have brought us to this point and will usher in this world?s final events. Throughout the history of this earth Satan has misrepresented God?s character of love. He has put ?love under fire.? Today more than ever before in earth?s history we are engaged in this battle between good and evil.

This book like no other offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of this ongoing inescapable conflict. A thrilling presentation of the past the present and the future it begins with Jerusalem?s rejection of the Man of Calvary. Continuing down through the ages it reveals the persecution of God?s children and the apostasy of the church in the Dark Ages; the enlightenment of the Reformation; the exaltation of the Scriptures and their power to dispel every delusion of darkness; the religious awakening of the last days; and finally Love Under Fire points us to a glorious future grander than we can imagine.

Love Under Fire is an adaptation from From Here to Forever a 1982 condensed edition of Ellen G. White's classic volume  The Great Controversy.  The condensed volume included all the chapters of the original using only the author's own words but shortening the account.

This current adaptation goes a step beyond this using some words expressions and sentence constructions more familiar to twenty-first century readers.  It does this not only in the portions written by Ellen G. White but also in the quotations she included from others and in the index materials to enhance readability.  Occasionally it restores a sentence or clause left out of the original condensation.  Most of the Bible quotations come from the New King James Version which closely resembles the King James Version that Ellen White commonly used. 

All material was prepared by the Ellen G. White Estate.

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