Sanctified in Antiquity, made sacred by religion, revered in the arts and by artists, the lotus is an exceptional and sublime flower. It is difficult to resist this desire for pleasure, this olfactory flight proposed by Maison Berger Paris and its Lotus Flower home fragrance. 

The arousal of the senses begins with a few citrus notes: a fresh top note of bergamot, which is then subtly spiced up with mint and pepper. The spirit opens wide, the conscience awakens; serenity can now settle in. Nestled at the heart of a light and airy floral bouquet, the lotus reveals its purity and elegance. Aquatic scents then give way to a base of white cedar, tender and subtly powdery fragrances.

Perfume secret
It is rare for a flower to have been made sacred in so many civilisations. The lotus, or nympheas, one of the oldest flowers referenced on Earth, is said to get its name from the nymph who died of her love for Hercules and was turned into an eternal flower by him. Or perhaps it came from a confrontation between the shepherd's star and the polar star thousands of years ago in the Indian sky. In any case, the lotus is a symbol of purity, serenity and rebirth for all. Omnipresent in Oriental etchings, always associated with representations of Buddha in the form of a lotus, the divine flower is also at the center of Monet's work, who painted it 250 times!
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