The Creme Brulee lamp refill, a creamy and velvety room fragrance of exquisite delicacy expressed by notes of caramel and raw cane sugar. Imagine a spoon delicately splitting a thin crust of golden sugar, a small crack is created. And with it, the promise of a voluptuous pleasure: a smooth cream lines your palate, while the sweetness of milk slowly heated over the fire, the carnal nature of vanilla and the sumptuous delicacy of caramel spread through the air. Creme brulee is much more than a dessert. It is also an irresistible smell.

Creme Brulee a velvety creamy home fragrance by Maison Berger, with sweet notes of caramel and raw cane sugar. Imagine the spoon breaking through a the thin crust made of golden brown sugar with a small crackle. After this promise of voluptuousness comes the velvety cream that rolls under the tongue, while the sweetness of the milk slowly cooked on the fire, the fruity flesh of vanilla and the sweet luxuriance of caramel unfold in the air. Creme Brulee is not just a dessert... It's a scent.


Hawthorn, Vanilla pods


Raw Cane Sugar, Hot Milk


Caramel, Cocoa Beans

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