I believe that God is calling His people to their knees. And they are responding. I see evidence of it everywhere I look. There is so much brokenness and hurt everywhere in our world there must be a fresh urgency to what we do. I also believe that books like this one I Go To the Rock are part of that call. My friends Ruthie Jacobsen Dwight Nelson and Fredrick Russell share their passion and sense of resolve that we access not only the throne room of the universe but also the very heart of God. We do both when we pray. You will be blessed by this book.

—Daniel R. Jackson President
North American Division Seventh-day Adventist Church

My friend Ruthie Jacobsen and her colleagues Dwight Nelson and Fredrick Russell have captured a sense of urgency and passion that is straight from the heart of God. You will hear it in their book I Go To the Rock. It’s the kind of read that will energize your faith motivate you to go beyond the ordinary in your prayer life and build in you an audacious tenacity to keep your prayer requests before God.
—Mark Batterson
New York Times bestselling author of The Circle Maker and Lead Pastor National Community Church Washington DC

I believe God will use this book to ignite hearts everywhere with the possibilities and realities that can only be achieved in that divine-human communication we call prayer. As I read I found myself asking What would happen if in faith more of us entered our ‘prayer room’ more often and then lingered there till we heard from Him? Only God knows for sure but I am eager to find out! I believe this book is one tool that can help us.
—Ricardo Graham President
Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

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