'When they got up from their knees they stared at the table that had been bare moments before. It couldn't be! It wasn't possible! There on the table was a large steaming platter heaped high with colorful vegetables potatoes and fish. Eyes wide with unbelief the roommates looked at each other then back at the table. This was uncanny. This was unnatural. This was too much!'

Prayer is mind-boggling. Find out how it delivered two boys from a pit caused a stolen car to stall taught a woman to read delivered a snorkeling missionary from a mad shark led a strange black dog to deliver a lost purse healed a crushed cat led a lad to the right trombone and a lass to the right horse helped a young man to find his glasses on the bottom of Lake Michigan unlocked a locked door provided electricity in a power outage kept a family from starving and brought a whole carload of mechanics to start a stalled car.

This book will leave you with a whole carload of faith.

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