“Don’t bother the bears ” Dad had said again and again. “Bears are bad medicine for boys. You can never predict what they will do!”

“Sure Dad. Who wants to fool around with a bear?”

I hesitated for only a moment then gave in to the call of adventure. Could I get the mother bear to climb a tree with her family? Whooping at the top of my lungs I… 

You will have to read the story for yourself to see what happens!  Don’t Bother the Bears and 25 more edge-of-your-seat adventures await you on the inside of this book Guides Greatest Mischief Stories.

  • I dare you!
  • Of course not silly! We’ll just pretend…
  • I wonder what would happen if…
  • This will be hilarious…
  • You couldn’t have done anything crazier if you had been taking idiot lessons!
  • That was sheer genius to leave our books on our desks as if we were studying

You know if a story contains one of these phrases it’s going to be good one. And there’s a good chance you might learn something from it…hopefully.

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