Pointing to a narrow path angling down the side of the bayou I said “Let’s go.”

I picked up a big stick and used it to beat back the weeds towering on either side of me. Suddenly I jumped back nearly knocking Lacey down. At my feet squirmed a long thick dark snake.

“Cottonmouth!” I shouted. “Run!”

In Guide’s Greatest Friendship Stories you’ll see that friends can be found all around and often come in different shapes and sizes—and sometimes they’re furry! Discover what Tom learns after he gives away his faithful old dog Sandy and replaces him with a new puppy. Meet Mrs. Blythe crippled with arthritis and the little girl who comes to visit her every day. Watch the power of forgiveness at work between two enemies as they put down their guns and hug each other. See the difference that kindness makes to a lonely little girl called Celia who longs for a friend.

Friends can be found all around if we learn to recognize them! 


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