As the shouts from above came closer the bear stopped long enough to raise its head and sniff. It was ten feet from the boat now. Stanley could see its beady eyes and hear its deep guttural grunts as it fought for breath.

What should he do?

Stanley’s eyes darted desperately from the bear to the timberline and back to the bear. “Dear Jesus ” he prayed his heart pounding “make Dad come please!”

The twenty-five stories in this collection will encourage you and strengthen your faith. You’ll meet Curtis who foolishly ventures out in a freezing blinding blizzard. And then there’s Joe who breaks into rich Mrs. Gambol’s house to steal money for some badly needed new clothes. And we can’t forget Peggy the faithful German shepherd whose trust and loyalty were answers to Gene and Denny’s prayers.

As you read and retell these stories to family friends and anyone who needs a faith-boost you’ll find your faith will be strengthened too.


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