Understanding God’s Master Plan for Salvation
To understand the great controversy theme is to peek behind the curtains at what is really happening in the ongoing war between good and evil between life and death between God and Satan. This precious truth illuminates not only our understanding of God’s plans for this planet but His plans for each one of us.

The Great Controversy Countdown is a study guide for tracing this theme through Ellen White’s Conflict of the Ages books. Each of the five volumes – Patriarchs and Prophets Prophets and Kings the Desire of Ages the Acts of the Apostles and The Great Controversy – expands our understanding of God’s plans and explains the reasons behind the pain and strife we see and experience every day. The Great Controversy Countdown will help each one of us to better understand our precious great controversy truth so that we are able to share it with others.

Presented in a workbook format the Countdown is ideal for group or personal study. Carefully selected quotations lead to thought or discussion questions with plenty of space for writing in answers or notes. References with each question will help guide our study and take us back to God’s Word.

Also included are:

  • An introduction to the development of the Conflict of the Ages set and Ellen White’s comments about its importance.
  • A bible reading program correlated with the Conflict of the Ages set so that either one or both may be read in one year.
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