The true story of an amazing escape from darkness into light.

From Hollywood to Heaven is the gripping true story of Steve Wohlberg who started out as a happy innocent little boy growing up in the Hollywood Hills of Southern California during the 1960s and 1970s but who slowly yielded to the tainted deadly influences surrounding him.

By his teenage years the allure of “Tinsletown” had drawn Steve into a dark and dangerous world of alcohol drugs and wild living. Caught in a downward spiral he could easily have ended up in prison—or worse dead. Steve’s life seemed to be playing out like some sleazy R-rated movie. But God was about to rewrite the “script” of Steve’s life and turn him in a dramatically different direction: heavenward!

As you read this fascinating story it will become obvious that a summer filled with amazing events was not a random coincidence but a rescue mission initiated by heavenly love—a love that is reaching out to you and your family even now at this very moment.

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