A recent U.S. News and World Report article titled '10 Health Habits That Will Help You Live to 100 shared a surprising piece of advice: 'Live like a Seventh-day Adventist.' Not long before that article was published the national best-selling book The Blue Zones recognized Loma Linda California as one of the world's longevity 'hot spots' because of its high concentration of Seventh-day Adventists. This and other media coverage is undeniably merited considering Adventists have a life expectancy about a decade longer than the average American.

So what do Adventists know that others don't? The following pages hold the answer. In this issue you'll hear from Gary Fraser who has spent years researching the Adventist lifestyle. He shares five proven lifestyle practices common to Adventism that will actually add up to two years of life each-10 years in total.

Also The Blue Zones author Dan Buettner reveals what he learned from Adventists in Loma Linda. You'll even meet six lively inspiring Adventists ranging in age from 90 to 105 who prove that the later years need not be marked by weakness or inactivity.

Besides exploring several life-extending physical practices this issue also reveals a close-up look at two health enhancing spiritual practices common to Adventism: the restorative power of Sabbath rest and the positive impact of belonging to a spiritual community.

This special issue of Vibrant Life makes an excellent gift for those attending health seminars and cooking schools as well as for sharing with friends who are interested in the Adventist lifestyle.

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