'Classified: For kids only.

Just because your parents probably gave this book to you don't assume it will put you to sleep.

Finding the Right Path is filled with entertaining stories that show how the Pathfinder pledge and law really work and can make an exciting difference in your life. Enjoy!

Unclassified: For parents and Pathfinder leaders.

Young people today are faced with more choices greater temptations and higher risks than their parents faced. What choices will they make? How will they find the right path in life?

For nearly half a century the Pathfinder organization has helped young people build character form Christ-centered values and find the path that leads to eternal life. Now at the request of the North American Division Church Ministries Department Jan S. Doward has written Finding the Right Path a 1990s application of the Pathfinder pledge and law.

Using devotional stories to illustrate the meaning attached to each phrase of the Pathfinder pledge and law Finding the Right Path is an entertaining and invaluable guide for our youth who want to see how the power of Christ can work in their lives today.
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