It isn’t easy being a teen in today’s world. More now than ever it seems that issues are more complicated distractions more powerful and faith less important—a spiritually lethal combination for young people trying to chart their own course through life.

The Bible studies inside this book are not one-size-fits-all fill-in-the-blank lessons. These studies address thorny topics with the dual goal of provoking thought and discussion—on both sides of the issue—and connecting youth with the truths found in God’s Word. There’s no one right answer expected—rather an honest exploration of the subject at hand with the freedom to stand for personal convictions.

You as the parent or leader are provided with a road map for navigating topics that range from abuse spiritualism and premarital sex to poverty and suffering ecology and forgiveness. Questions to pose scriptures to examine and ideas for sharing the concepts internalized are included in each lesson.

Remember you can lead teens to the Living Water but you can’t make them drink. You can however lead them. 

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