What if you suddenly had to leave your home not knowing if you would ever see it again? What if you could take only what you could carry—on a bicycle?

This is the true story of a thirteen-year-old boy who had to do just that. In 1945 near the end of World War II as Russian soldiers marched toward the German capital of Berlin people in villages towns and the countryside found themselves in the enemy’s path.

'Get out of Haynau today!' shouted a German soldier. “The Russian army is on its way. Be gone by two o’clock.” Dieter Hain couldn’t believe his ears.

'Mutti (Moo-tee the German word for “mother”) the soldier said we have to leave right away! Come on!”

They thought they would return to their home in two weeks or so after the Russians had moved on. The German soldier had reassured them that Hitler had a “secret weapon” that would wipe out the enemy.

Join Dieter and his mother as they flee for their lives through Nazi Germany. Discover how God provided strength for their journey and protection in many close calls. He watched over them and led them to safety—and to the Adventist Church


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