Erin loves living in her family’s old farmhouse even though there isn’t a place to swim and there aren’t any other kids living on Hathaway Road. She just hopes that something exciting or unusual will happen during her thirteenth summer. And it does! On a jaunt to the mailbox Erin meets rude rhyming Rosemary who is visiting her grouchy grandma for a few days.

And the surprises keep coming! Mom and Dad have been keeping a secret Grandma and Grandpa reveal some intriguing family news and Erin meets another girl at the mailbox—who has a fascinating cousin named Will.

A friendly yellow Labrador decides to adopt Erin’s family—but a man shows up in a pickup truck and claims that the stray dog is actually his. Rosemary pays another visit and demands an “onion-skin win” from Erin’s brother Ben.

This is Erin’s story—the sixth in a series of six true stories about Adventist girls: Ann Marilla Grace Ruthie Elaine and Erin. Erin was born in 1988. When Erin was born Grandmother Ruth wanted her to know that she was a sixth-generation Adventist as well as a thirteenth-generation American girl whose ancestors helped to establish their country the United States of America. But most of all she wanted Erin to know that her greatest heritage is that she is a child of the heavenly King—royalty indeed—and so are you!

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