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George discusses the world in which Ellen White lived and preached on Hope Channel's Between the Lines:

From the Back Cover:

Ellen White’s writings are important but they are only part of the story. The other part is the social and intellectual context in which she wrote. What was her world like? What problems did it face? What ideas were in vogue? What religious movements did she interact with? How did her ideas relate to the sentiments of other reformers of her day?

These and other questions stand at the heart of George R. Knight’s third volume in his series on Ellen White. The genius of Ellen White’s World is that it combines photographs with verbal descriptions to make Ellen White’s world come alive for the modern reader.

The first section of this helpful volume concisely presents the world of Ellen White prior to the American Civil War while the second section examines her world after that climactic event. An understanding of those two very distinct contexts is essential for the fullest understanding of Ellen White’s counsel to the church.


Part One: Ellen White's World Before the Civil War
1. Millennial Visions
a. Religious Millennialism
b. Secular Millennialism
2. The Great Revival
a. The Second Great Awakening
b. The Camp Meeting
c. The Revival and Mission
3. The Era of Reform
a. The Voluntary Society
b. Health Reform
c. The Early Temperance Movement
d. Educational Reform
e. The Movement to Free the Slaves
f. The role of Women
4. Religious Impulses
a. The Rise of the 'Democratic' Churches
b. Restorationism and Back to the Bible
c. The Drive Toward Perfection
d. Protecting the 'Sabbath'
e. The Rise of Mormonism
f. The Rise of Modern Spiritualism
g. Nativism and Anti-Catholicism
5. Technological Advances
a. The Publishing Revolution
b. Progress in Transportation

Part Two: Ellen White's World After the Civil War
6. A Changing World
a. Social Changes
b. Intellectual Changes
7. Millennial Visions
a. Premillennial Perspectives
b. Postmillennial Perspectives
c. National Millennial Perspectives
8. Religious Impulses
a. Revivalism and the role of D. L. Moody
b. The Rise of Protestant Liberalism
c. The Conservative Reaction
d. The Holiness Revival
e. The Second Wave of Protestant Missions
f. Northern Missions to Black America
9. Social Issues
a. The Temperance Movement
b. Health Concerns
c. Educational Development
d. Racial Issues
e. Women's Rights
f. Capital and Labor
g. Sabbath Reform
h. The Progressive Movement
10. The New Leisure
a. Sports and Recreation
b. Entertainment

Ellen White and Her World
Ellen White and Our World

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