During her lifetime Ellen White withstood wave upon wave of personal criticisms. Yet the historical records confirm her as a person of integrity and her writings confirm her loyalty to the Bible. In Ellen White Under Fire Dr. Jud Lake provides a comprehensive assessment of Ellen White critics past and present as well as her defenders – all the while building confidence in her prophetic gift.


“Good stuff! Perceptive! A book long overdue! Whether you love Ellen White or hate her this is a book that you need to read.”
     - George Knight professor emeritus of Church History Andrews University

“Nearly a century after Ellen White’s death critics continue to attack the legacy of her ministry. In his book Dr. Jud Lake traces the history of Ellen White’s critics from the earliest days of her ministry until the present. He demonstrates how an accurate understanding of inspiration prevents one from falling into the false expectations raised by her critics. This invaluable book provides a real service to all who have read charges made against Mrs. White and have wanted clear factual answers to refute those false claims.”
     - James R. Nix Director Ellen G. White Estate Inc.

“Jud Lake is to be commended for addressing the deeper issues behind all the attacks on Ellen White. Ellen White Under Fire provides a careful analysis of the major issues in the writings of Ellen White – inspiration authority and interpretation. The book will be a real help for those confronted by the multitude of websites and books attacking Ellen White.”
     - Gerhard Pfandl associate director Biblical Research Institute


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