Color your way through the stories of the Bible and learn about God’s plan to save us!

In this book you will be coloring pictures about awesome Bible stories which tell us how much Jesus loves you and me. He gave His life for us so that very soon we all can live together forever in a wonderful place called heaven. That’s exciting isn’t it? Woo Hoo!

The stories of your favorite Bible characters—Adam Noah Abraham Moses David Daniel Esther and others—point to Jesus and teach us that He wins the battle against evil. The Bible is one big and exciting story. And it is a very special story because it tells us right from the beginning how the conflict between good and evil is going to end! How exciting is that? At the end of the Bible God announces the eternal good news—JESUS WINS! That’s the end of the story!

Say it with me: JESUS WINS! Now open the book and let’s get started. 

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