Jesus said to him “Stand up take your mat and walk”/(John 5:8 NRSV).

Jesus’ actions often transgressed the rabbinical laws of His day…but never so purposefully as when he performed miracles of healing on the Sabbath. The Gospels record five specific Sabbath acts of healing performed by Jesus. Each one was intentional. Each one had a purpose. Each one show something about who Jesus... Each one underscore the significance of salvation and healing that He came to bring.

A Day for Healing examines these miracles with the intent of helping Sabbath-keepers understand what Jesus was trying to teach us and to demonstrate what the Sabbath is?and what it is not. Jesus by word and action demonstrates that salvation lies at the very core of the Sabbath. It is not a day for rules. Sabbath is a day when we receive God’s healing. But it’s more than that. As we receive healing we are called to carry on the work of Jesus by offering the healing leaves of the tree of life to a hurting desperate world. 


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