Wendy waited the knife twitching out in front of her. A dark form appeared as the eyes continued their slow approach. The creature was almost in the light coming closer and closer creeping through the shadows about to emerge from the blackness of the cave.

She tightened her grip on the knife and bent her legs slightly ready to spring to one side should the approaching beast decide to rush her. As the creature moved into the light Wendy’s mouth dropped open.

Trapped in the depths of the earth eleven-year-old Wendy remembered the stories her father told of a God who sees and loves His children—no matter what their circumstance. Was God with her now? Would she ever see Debbie and Joey again? And what had happened to her horse Early? Had he fallen and been swept away by the river?    

This book by Charles Mills is the third in the series and has three stories in one -- River of Fear Danger in the Depths and A Cry at Midnight. 

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