A little woman with a rope in her hand sprang from the verandah and ran screaming into the forest.

?Look look it?s mother!? screamed the two sisters. ?She?s going into the jungle to hang herself!?

They gave a withering look at their brother Maung Thein and shouted ?It?s all your fault! It?s all your fault! You?ve driven your mother mad and if she commits suicide we?ll call you a murderer!?

The village people gathered and asked ?Why don?t you undo it? Why don?t you undo this baptism??

You?ll be inspired by this story of a young man?s unshakeable faith. Although some of the incidents recorded have been mentioned in other volumes this is the first time the full story of Maung Thein has been made available in a stand-alone book.

This is a never-before published storybook by one of the church?s most beloved authors and storytellers Eric B. Hare. After many years his daughter-in-law Patti Hare found his handwritten manuscript and carefully transcribed it and submitted it for publication.

Although Eric B. and Agnes Hare are asleep in Jesus their legacy of mission service captured in stories on audio recordings and in books has continued to promote faithfulness to Christ in Adventists around the world and across the generations.

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