It was an accident of course. You didn’t mean to drop the glass but a slight miscommunication between your eyes brain and fingers condemned the fragile object to a rapid demise. Before you could blink the glass was in pieces. Ruined. Useless.

Isn’t that how we feel sometimes? The Christian life is too hard we’ve made too many mistakes we are broken and our hopes for healing lie shattered alongside our good intentions. We wonder what value we could possibly be to God in this condition. Why would He even bother with us? We’re ruined. Useless.

So how do you become a genuine Christian when you feel like a pile of shards in need of superglue? (Or when you’re all cracked up but think you’ve got it all together?) Heather Marie Thompson explores myths that make us feel we’re not good enough for God external distractions that keep us from spending time with Him and what it means to be an authentic Christian in a phony world.

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