He was a juvenile delinquent an angry kid with no reason to play by the rules. His mission in life was to wreak havoc anywhere and anytime he could. His parents were afraid of him and his teachers hated him. Other than smoking marijuana his favorite pastime was theft. Every once in a while he spent a night in the local detention center.

Then on Halloween night he got caught driving a getaway car loaded with cash drugs and guns. But this time he wasn’t getting off with a slap on the wrist. Everything he’d done up until now was child’s play in comparison. Seven counts of kidnapping two burglaries and three armed robberies guaranteed 16-year old Andrew Michell some serious time behind bars.

Yet it was in solitary confinement that he first tasted true freedom first felt that there was any purpose to his life. One copy of The Living Bible in the hands of this very bored teenager had an effect that no one in Andrew’s life would have ever predicted.

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