Peek behind the Instagram filters and Photoshop effects for an authentic laugh-out-loud look at author/blogger Heather Thompson Day’s journey into the arms of husband Seth Michael Day the cutest boy in her sixth-grade class. Christian women often embrace an unrealistic fairy-tale view of dating relationships marriage and parenting. Proverbs 31 anyone? But whether your bad-boy boyfriend breaks your heart your husband’s mother drives you to the brink or you’re up to your ears in the demands of motherhood take a breath and dive into this collection of 31 relatable stories. You’ll learn how to

  • stop being fake and embrace authentic relationships;
  • take an honest look at how your past shaped your present;
  • recognize real romance (hint: think clean dishes not pretty flowers);
  • know the difference between a romantic lightning bug and a lightning bolt
  • make better relationship choices: #goodguysfinishbest;
  • get along with the “other woman;”
  • quit sleeping with your husband to strengthen your bond; and
  • power up with God to be a better wife and mom

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