One of my most frequently asked questions is this one: “After all these years have you about run out of top stories to choose from?”

No I haven’t. When I first began I had in my files around 50 Christmas stories I’d collected over the years. After Christmas in my Heart vol. 3 came along we moved into a buying mode that has never let up since. Today we have a much more daunting problem: we’ve already archived several thousand candidates and there are thousands more in our old books and magazines.

Sometimes a certain story is passed over year after year—then here comes a year when God tells me: This is the year for this story! “Cherished and Shared of Old” has waited 26 long years!


Stories in this book

  Introduction: It's a Mighty Long Process   By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
1.    The Great Moment    By Harriet Prescott Spofford
2.    The Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told    By Luke and Matthew
3.    Tears Tomorrow    By Isobel Stewart
4.    A Homespun Christmas    By J. Stephen Conn
5.    Mary: Blessed Among Women    By Editors of David C. Cook
6.    A Wise Man    By Frank Bennett
7.    Listen to the Bells    By Catherine R. Britton
8.    The Three Strangers    By Paul McAfee
9.    A Silver Christmas    By Noel H. Shanko
10.    The Old Old Story    By Ruth K. Kent
11.    Cherished and Shared of Old    By Susan Glaspell
12.    The Story of the Star    By Florence Morse Kingsley
13.    Something in the Sock    By Ruth Comfort Mitchell
14.    Old Ironpuss    By Arthur Gordon
15.    Christmas for One    By Frances Stockwell Lovell
16.    Christmas at Solomon's Shore    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler with Temple Bailey
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