As we reach the proverbial age of “sweet sixteen” (young for a woman but old indeed for a book series) it is appropriate to ask “Why?” Today when almost nothing lasts and fame itself supposedly expires in 15 minutes here we have this simple little series of Christmas story anthologies that perversely refuses to die. Like the timeless Velveteen Rabbit it becomes but more cherished as the years go by.

If the formula could be bottled it would be priceless. In essence it would be an indefinable mixture of stories--new recent old and very old--by authors famous and never-heard-of-before; stories that deeply touch the heartstrings unlock the tear ducts make you laugh yet retain the spiritual dimension of Christmas.

Stories in this book

Introduction    Voices from the Past    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
1.    When the Wise Man Appeared    By William Ashley Anderson
2.    Christmas in the Street of Memories    By Elizabeth Rhodes Jackson
3.    Christmas in a Pickle Jar    By Emily Buck
4.    The Bus Token    By Leland Mayberry
5.    The Layaway Doll    By Marlene Chase
6.    Petronella    By Temple Bailey
7.    A Song for Elizabeth    By Robin Cole
8.    Flocks by Night    By Bruce Douglas
9.    A Cake of Pink Soap    By Author Unknown
10.    A Very Special Present    By Ingrid Tomey
11.    Bless the Child    By Isobel Stewart
12.    Star-spangled Christmas    By Kathleen Norris
13.    Christmas Carol    By Margaret E Sangster Jr
14.    On Christmas Eve    By Helen Stokl
15.    The Mansion    By Henry Van Dyke
16.    Full Circle    By Lloyd Decker
17.    Even When Nobody's Home    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
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