Even though Christmas in My Heart is now the longest-running Christmas story series in America none of us take its continued survival for granted. Certainly Joe Wheeler does not. He and his wife Connie are determined that each collection will be the best yet. And that is a tall order- yet readers have been telling them year after year 'This is the best one yet! From the very beginning they have worried 'What if we run out of the best stories?' However so many heart-touching Christmas stories (new recent and old) have flooded in-and the Wheelers have unearthed many more in old magazines and books-that their supply of 'five-tissue stories' is greater now than it was at the beginning! For every story that makes it hundreds do not. Only those stories that deeply touch the heart are admitted into these pages.

Stories in this book

Introduction    Time to Stand Up    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
1.    Christmas for Elizabeth    By Claire Jones
2.    A Tree for Benji    By Harold Ivan Smith
3.    Sea Anchor    By Marjorie Yourd Hill
4.    A Boy Named John    By Author Unknown
5.    The Christmas Wish    By Arthur Gordon
6.    The Night My Father Came Home    By Author Unknown
7.    A Certain Star    By Pearl Buck
8.    Season of Uncertainty    By Nancy Rue
9.    The Soft Spot in B606    By Author Unknown
10.    The Miracle of Christmas    By Earl Reed Silvers
11.    Out of the Air    By Christine Whiting Parmenter
12.    The Gift That Never Was    By Lanita Kampton
13.    The Christmas Gift    By Dorothy Boys Kilian
14.    There's a Song in the Air    By Katherine Reeves
15.    By the Fireplace    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
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