A Collection of Christmas Stories
That Grip the Heart!

To one of the longest-running Christmas story anthologies in American history we add yet another volume--our twelfth in 12 years. The series is one of the finest libraries of Christmas stories in English. What’s the secret of its appeal? Perhaps it’s the lump-in-the-throat factor the moving stories that grip the heart and moisten the eyes. Fortunately all 12 volumes are still available in print at the original price.

In this year's collection Senator John McCain of Arizona recalls his most special Christmas celebrated in a North Vietnamese prisoner-of-war camp where men of faith joyful and triumphant in the face of torment exchanged gifts they did not have.

Another selection tells the story of the birth of 'Silent Night one of the songs the prisoners sang. Other stories tell of Christmas money lost and then better-than-found; of relationships mended; of temptations trumped; of orphans nurtured; of lovers reunited. In these pages the human spirit with all its passion and pride faith and foibles finds hope once again in a manger.

Twelve is a perfect number biblically. As I searched for the perfect introduction for our twelfth collection I could find nothing that could come even close to the greatest story ever told—the Nativity story itself.

But how could I make it truly special? After considerable prayer and research I was impressed to retell (with new insights) one of the almost forgotten stories in the New Testament: the love story of Joseph and Mary. Running parallel is another almost forgotten story: the strong role Joseph had as father and mentor to Jesus the Light of the world.

May these stories be a blessing to you and your family during this season of the Christ Child.

—Joe L. Wheeler

Stories in this book

Introduction    Joseph's Love Story    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
1.    The Kidnapped Doll    By Myrtle 'Cookie' Potter
2.    Van Valkenberg's Christmas Gift    By Elizabeth G. Jordan
3.    Joyful and Triumphant    By John McCain
4.    A Love Song for Christmas    By D. T. Doig
5.    'Merry Christmas Mr. Keene'    By Jewell Johnson
6.    A Song Is Born    By Ruth Langland Holberg
7.    Santa Claus Is Kindness    By Temple Bailey
8.    Our Part of the Circle    By Joyce Reagin
9.    The Family Twinkle    By Nancy N. Rue
10.    Christmas Bread    By Kathleen Norris
11.    The Night of the Blizzard    By Lawrence J. Seyler as told to Sue Philipp
12.    The Story of the Field of Angels    By Florence Morse Kingsley
13.    The Gift of the Manger    By Edith Barnard Delano
14.    Somewhere I'll Find You    By Donald L. Deffner
15.    Christmas Sabbatical    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
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