Hard to believe but here it is: Christmas in My Heart book9. They keep coming because so many readers like you find it inconceivable to enter another Christmas season without a new Christmas in My Heart transfusion.

Oh ‘tis true that the now 'old collections are still treasured are reread again and again becoming in a very special way Christmas velveteen rabbits all the dearer for their dog-eared coves and creased pages. Yet at the same time that the first eight collections are returned to there is an innate need to expand the core collection to greet with delight new writers with fresh approaches and even more significant to listen once again to writers now believed to us–each additional story by such a writer but deepens the bond that voice that can never be stilled as long as we refuse to let it die.

That is the magic of Christmas in My Heart!

What is Christmas? Christmas is a state of mind a time of year when the heart is magically softened and the soul reaches out to others. A time when the cold of the season is offset by the warmth of the joy within.

Stories in this book

Introduction    Home for Christmas    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
1.    Waiting…Waiting for Christmas    By Elizabeth English
2.    His Guiding Star    By Mary Agnes Jackman
3.    Holly at the Door    By Agnes Sligh Turnbull
4.    Christmas Is for Kids    By Nancy N. Rue
5.    The Bells Didn't Ring    By Isabel T. Dingman
6.    A Rose in Winter    By Jodi Detrick
7.    An Ill Wind    By Frederick William Roe
8.    Carla's Christmas Gift    By Judith Wade
9.    Bulger's Friend    By O. Henry
10.    The Town That Gave Us Joy    By Marian Jeppson Walker
11.    The Forgotten Friend    By Grace Livingston Hill
12.    How an Unborn Baby Saved Its Mother's Life    By Joseph A. MacDougall as told to Douglas How
13.    A Christmas Experience    By Author Unknown
14.    Like a Candle in the Window    By Margaret E. Sangster Jr.
15.    'City of Dreams'    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
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