When the first Christmas in My Heart book rolled off the press seven years ago initial sales were modest. By late November however the books really began to move and by Christmas we were gearing up for a third printing. Because of widespread interest in the stories Wheeler was asked to compile another collection each year.

Along the way the series was a Gold Medallion finalist at the Christian Booksellers Association; it became a much-loved part of Focus on the Family Christmases; Doubleday began a hardback series; and Tyndale House began distributing the paperback editions to the Christian market.

So it is today in thousands of homes the Christmas in My Heart books have become part of the very fabric of Christmas.

Despite the blizzards of commercials and type that advertisers engulf us in each holiday season demand for Christmas in My Heart books increases every year. Typical of letters written me is this one from Mount Vernon Ohio:

Stories in this book

Introduction    The Not-so-lowly Woodcut    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
1.    Red Shoes    By Anita L. Fordyce
2.    Feliz Navidad!    By Carolyn Rathbun-Sutton
3.    How Far Is It to Bethlehem?    By Elizabeth Orton Jones
4.    When Tad Remembered    By Minnie Leona Upton
5.    Snow for Christmas    By Virginia Everett Davidson
6.    Anetka's Carol    By Eric Philbrook Kelly
7.    The First Creche    By Arthur Gordon
8.    On Christmas Day in the Evening    By Grace S. Richmond
9.    Kashara's Gift    By Lissa Halls Johnson
10.    Anniversary    By Author Unknown
11.    A Successful Calamity    By A. May Holaday
12.    The Carols of Bethlehem Center    By Frederick Hall
13.    Unexpected Christmas    By Marguerite Nixon
14.    The Red Envelope    By Nancy N. Rue
15.    His Last Christmas    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
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