Outside it may be cold and snowy but on these tapes you’ll find stories that will set your heart ablaze with the warmth of Christmas. Stories so powerful so touching they’ll leave you with a lump in your throat tears in your eyes and in irresistible urge to share them with someone you love.

Many families make Christmas in My Heart part of their Christmas tradition. They decorate the house for Christmas then sit down by the fire and share stories from the newest book. Some families read one story a day during the Christmas season. You’ll find that these heartwarming stories add a special touch to your holiday season too.

Christmas for me is now year-long–for almost every day you send me stories. Stories that are brand new (some in handwritten original drafts) stories that are only a few years old stories that have been around a generation or so and old old stories that stubbornly refuse to die. This collection contains all of these–but each has that one crucial ingredient: it breaks through all the emotional barriers we erect to the inner sanctum of the heart. Indeed to the soul itself.–Joe L. Wheeler.

Stories in this book

Introduction    A Pennsylvania Deutsch Christmas    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
1.    Trouble at the Inn    By Dina Donahue
2.    Christmas at Wittenberg    By Gladys H. Barr
3.    And It Was Christmas Morning    By Author Unknown
4.    Joey's Miracle    By Hartley F. Dailey
5.    Christmas in the New World    By Rosina Kiehlbauch
6.    Charlie's Blanket    By Wendy Miller
7.    A Day of Pleasant Bread    By David Grayson
8.    Unlucky Jim    By Arthur S. Maxwell
9.    Christmas Day in the Morning    By Pearl S. Buck
10.    Pink Angel    By Author Unknown
11.    Christmas Lost and Found    By Shirley Barksdale
12.    A Doll From Muzzy    By Penny Estes Wheeler
13.    Truce in the Forest    By Fritz Vincken
14.    A Full House    By Madeleine L'Engle
15.    Jolly Miss Enderby    By Paul Gallico
16.    On Christmas Day in the Morning    By Grace Richmond
17.    Roses in December    By Sybil Haddock
18.    Luther    By Joe L. Wheeler and Michelle Wheeler Culmore
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