Here are Christmas stories for all generations and each will tug at your heartstrings in just a little different way. In fact only a certified Scrooge could possibly read them dry-eyed!

Many families make the Christmas in My Heart collection part of their Christmas tradition. As soon as Thanksgiving dinner is over they decorate the house for Christmas sit down by the fire and share stories from the newest book. Some families read at least one story a day during the Christmas season. You’ll find these heartwarming stories add a special touch to your holiday season too.

I continue to feel that the key reason for inclusion into a collection is whether or not the story moves me deeply makes me laugh or cry. It isn’t enough merely to be well written from a technical point of view: it must have power as well. When one realizes how many many Christmas stories are out there and how precious few have this crucial ingredient then it’s easy to see why the best are so few.–Joe L. Wheeler.

Stories in this book

Introduction    'Snow and Christmas'    By Joe L. Wheeler
1.    The Candle in the Forest    By Temple Bailey
2.    The Gold and Ivory Tablecloth    By Howard C. Schade
3.    The Jubilee Agreement    By Terry Beck
4.    A Christmas Ballad for the Captain    By William J. Lederer
5.    Rebecca's Only Way    By Annie Hamilton Donnell
6.    A Gift From the Heart    By Norman Vincent Peale
7.    The Fir Tree Cousins    By Lucretia D. Clapp
8.    Star Across the Tracks    By Bess Streeter Aldrich
9.    The Christmas Nightingale    By Eric P. Kelly
10.    My Christmas Miracle    By Taylor Caldwell
11.    A Small Gift of Love    By Mary Ellen Holmes
12.    Yet Not One of Them Shall Fall    By Hartley F. Dailey
13.    The Story of the Other Wise Man    By Henry Van Dyke
14.    Lonely Tree    By Margaret Sangster
15.    The Third Rose    By Joe L. Wheeler
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