You probably have a fairly good idea of what it took to construct the building in which your congregation meets. First there was a recognized need for a building followed by a budget blueprints fund-raising construction workers and building materials and voila! The structure proudly stands as a monument to the effective implementation of a well-thought-out plan.

The process of building a strong congregation is basically the same. And you've got to start with a plan.

Building Strong Congregations contains the tools you need to make your congregation's ministry more effective. Worksheets after each chapter walk you through a step-by-step application of the material covered and help you put together a plan of action. You'll also learn how to find answers unique to your organization for such questions as:

  • What is your congregation's mission?
  • Whom should your congregation try to reach and how?
  • What does your congregation have to offer?
  • Why should people choose to associate with your congregation and not the one down the street?
  • How would their needs be met?
  • How do you ensure that they will want to remain participants in the life and ministry of your congregation?

Resource CD included.

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