People naturally look for ways to survive and thrive. They look to their families, friends, and organizations, and they strive to acquire lands, buildings, and material possessions for security and prosperity. Food, comfort, and safety are high priorities. When hardships or dangers arise, we look around for solutions. But what if we cannot find answers to the problems that threaten our existence?

The book of Isaiah challenge people, including us, to stop just looking around and start looking up to the Lord, whom Isaiah saw "sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up" (Isaiah 6:1). In author Roy Gane's "The Book of Isaiah", readers will get a fresh look at some of the poetry and parallelism, imagery, and contrasts, and musical rhythms that for the symphony of the human journey through judgement and restoration. See key aspects of God's character in a new light, take a fresh look at how He leads and comforts broken people, and marvel at the glorious destiny waiting God's redeemed.

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