In the search for belonging and acceptance, those aspiring to live a life of righteousness often find themselves feeling separated from God, love-starved, and drowning in cultural lies and misconceptions of what Christianity is supposed to look and feel like. What if you already held everything you needed to live a life of freedom in your authentic identity? What if fullness of life wasn't something you just heard about but a place you entered into? Blossom Like Eden takes readers on a journey alongside one woman in her quest to find the truth. What she discovers changes her from the inside out, breaking every long-held identity lie and the striving she was used to. This story is for every woman aching for the freedom to know who they are and to let others see them. To the wanderer, frail in power and craving rest: You weren't created to live a life lacking in intimacy with your heavenly Father. You are His daughter. Walk with Him now out of the desert and into the garden again!

"This book is for everybody who feels like a nobody. With a voice of truth totally devoid of condemnation, Sarah will help you to see yourself as the Daughter of the King you truly are." -Stephanie Armbruster, YWAM Bible Teacher, Master of Arts in Biblical Languages and Educational Ministries
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