When was the last time you went looking for a miracle cure or the Fountain of Youth hoping for something to diminish the signs of living on this sinful earth a little too long? Over the past two decades much research has been done on the effects of the religious life on our emotional mental and physical health. The documented results are astounding. Did you know that a regular prayer life an attitude of gratitude and joy or a spirit of forgiveness can dramatically impact your overall health? Even church attendance and Scripture reading are intimately connected to health happiness and longevity.

In Benefits of Belief Dr. Julian Melgosa uses research and personal stories to reveal the amazing benefits everyone can obtain from following the Lord’s ways and living the Christian life. Jesus promises that anyone who follows Him will receive “a hundredfold now” (Mark 10:30). Dr. Melgosa believes it is reasonable to think that these blessings are not exclusively material but are also related to the exercise of wisdom resilience and endurance that ultimately translate into good health happiness and well-being.


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