Book #11 in the 'Julius and Friends series

Horse-crazy Alex Jahn was about to have his prayers answered . . . but not in the way he had hoped for. What Alex wanted was a horse he could be proud of like a beautiful Black Stallion. What Alex got was this funny-looking jigsaw puzzle of an animal with a big bucket head long floppy ears short stubby legs and a scrawny tail! Beanie wasn’t a real horse at all. He was something called a hinny. Was this God’s idea of a joke?

Beanie the Horse that Wasn’t a Horse by Heather Grovet is a story about differences and learning to love them. This cute tale of a homely little hinny with a big heart will have children aged 6-10 grinning from ear to ear. As they laugh they’ll also learn not to judge by outward appearances and that God knows what’s best for us even if it doesn’t always seem like it.

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