The Andrews Bible Commentary is written by 60 leading biblical scholars from around the world. It is designed for new believers, experienced Bible students, pastors, and teachers. Its purpose is to trace the blessed hope (Titus 2:13) in the pages of Scripture and to read all of the Bible in the light of that hope. What does the Bible say to believers who, with both longing and joy, anticipate the return of Jesus? Answering that question is at the heart of the Andrews Bible Commentary, which seeks to instruct and inspire all into a stronger personal relationship with God that focuses our worship on Jesus as Savior and Lord.


Key Features
--The latest in faithful biblical scholarship
--Easy-to-read design
--Written for use with any modern English Bible translation
--Introduction to each book of the Bible
--Feature articles discussing key topics for understanding the background and message of the Bible
--In-depth articles introducing the major sections of the Bible
--More than 80 in-text essays
--A chronology of the Old and New Testaments
--Printed map end-sheets
--High-quality binding, beautifully designed to match the hardcover NIV 
Andrews Study Bible

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