Dr. George R. Knight is a man on a mission. He wants people to know by experience the riches of Gods grace in Christ.

Knight is an accomplished speaker and teacher, but writing has been his primary mode of communication. He began with the history and philosophy of Christian education and then added the history and theology of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He has also taken special interest in growing the churchs understanding of Ellen White and how her writings should be interpreted and applied.

Adventist scholars admire Knights penchant for treating controversial issues such as the Shut Door, the 1888 General Conference, the 1901 reorganization, and Ellen Whites inspiration in an open, honest, and balanced way. At times, his method has reached beyond the controversial to the shocking. One of his books bears the name Myths in Adventism; a chapter in his book on the Crucifixion is called œThe Bibles Most Disgusting Teaching; and he titled one of his articles œAdolf Hitler and Ellen White ˜Agree on the Purposes of Adventist Education.

But Knight doesnt shock merely for effect. He does it to get peoples attention despite the noise that todays culture has accustomed them.

This book is a collection of writings that give a great overview of Dr. George R. Knight's many outstanding contibutions to the Seventh-day Adventist church. Topics covered are the issues of a hermeneutic for understanding and applying Ellen Whites writings, Christology, last-generation perfectionism, substitution and sacrifice as more than mere metaphors, and Ellen Whites counsels on lifestyle as based on principle rather than rigid literalism.

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